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Through the eyes of Jan Dolfing
Nature Agenda 2022

I am proud of the self-published Nature Agenda 2022 with my own nature photos. 

- A unique product.

- Every week a nature photo made by me.

- Landscape A5 format, perfect for your desk or table

- Good writable paper

- A clear weekly schedule

- A to-do list every week

- A box for notes every week

- Weekly mini-monthly calendar for a good overview

- At the end of the year you tear out the agenda pages and you are left with a nice photo booklet

In short, a perfect gift for the coming Sinterklaas and Christmas.

The agenda costs € 13.95 when picked up at the veterinary clinic Twente, Haaksbergerstraat 399a in Enschede or € 13.95 plus € 3.95 shipping costs for shipping within the Netherlands.

To order ? Send an email to

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